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Success Coaching with Nicola Storer

About Nicola

We warmly welcome Nicola Storer to our Zen Chi family! Nicola is an inspirational soul with a true passion for helping people, specializing in Success Coaching Nicola brings fabulous strategies and techniques to existing and new clients here at Zen Chi.

Coaching clients with both conscious and unconscious strategies as a practitioner and teaching the ‘how to’ in trusting their unconscious minds and owning their truest voice.

Utilising Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis Nicola brings vast practical knowledge and holds the key to unleashing your full potential and enlightening your mind and motivation.
Specialist Programs

Hypno Wellness Classes – An extraordinary 8 week program enlightening, inspiring and motivating you to stop sabotaging yourself and start achieving your dreams. This group program runs for 8 weeks and is available for ladies and gentlemen and is perfect for people struggling with motivation and wanting to regain control of their life. This is an extremely relaxing power hour embedding positive affirmations that will kick start your motivation and help you achieve your goals.


Motivation Workshop – 2 Power hours jam packed with proven strategies to help get your mojo back! If your motivation has decreased or just up and disappeared, then please join us for this interactive workshop.


Love Your Body Beautiful – An exquisite 12 week transformation filled with nourishment and guidance whilst rebuilding self-love, confidence and a healthy mind and body. Together we will work with the conscious and unconscious mind to eliminate negatives patterns and beliefs and grow new positive pathways for a future filled with motivation, confidence and sustainability.


Success Coaching – Unleash your full potential and regain your zest and passion in life with newfound confidence and perspective with personalised coaching, insight and clarity with ongoing support and empowerment so you are sure to achieve your goals with distinction and pride.


Bad Habits Be Gone – Are you sick of playing the victim to your bad habit? Smoking, Overeating, Nailing biting… and the list goes on! If you are ready, really ready for change then please contact Nicola today for a complimentary consultation and let’s kick your bad habit to the kerb!


Ultimate Breakthrough Transformation – The ultimate indulgent program to clear your mind, build yourself from within whilst releasing negative emotions, limiting beliefs and locking in a positive future ahead! Like nothing you have ever imagined this program will change your life forever. You can’t imagine how great you will feel after this; it is you truly something you must experience. Be prepared to feel empowered, enlightened and confidently fresh and ready to take on the world from a fresh new perspective.
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Nicola runs several programs which are available for purchase and can be personalised to each individuals wants and needs.

Please contact Nicola for your complimentary consultation on 0415115456.

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