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Our Team

Alysha Josephs

About Alysha Josephs:

With over 15 years intuitive reading experience, an indestructible connection to Spirit, and an open mind and heart; she is honoured to share her services with those who are drawn to sacred practices of Tarot, mythology, and Jungian psychology. Alysha moves beyond the realm of just fortune telling and provides you with an experience that empowers you to create the changes to turn your desires into reality.

Deeply intuitive and Empathetic, she has an innate passion for holding space for her clients to comfortably explore their own internal world, without judgement or criticism.

Come book an experience with Alysha today and connect with spirit, journey through the cosmos, and settle into the knowing of what lies ahead for you in 2022 and beyond.

Treatments Alysha Josephs Provides:


About Jacob:

Jacob is another one of our adored therapists who has been working at Zen Chi from the beginning. Jacob has been known to go out of his way for clients  and his Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage are highly acclaimed. Jacob’s professionalism and passion for the world of massage sets the tone for the treatment you will receive with him.

Treatments Jacob Provides:


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About Junior:

Junior is a remedial massage therapist with a diverse background and a gentle heart. His outgoing and friendly attitude pairs perfectly with his proficient skill-set to provide you with a relaxing and personalised treatment.

Treatments Junior Provides:


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Yes, a written receipt will be provided. On-the-spot claiming currently unavailable.

About Leonie:

Leonie is a psychic medium who has been conducting intuitive readings for over 13 years. She uses a mix of modalities in her healing sessions, including her qualifications as a Reiki Master, Angel intuitive, and Business Trainer. Leonie provides clients with the therapy and healing they need, as well as delivering messages from guides, Angels and past loved ones to ensure a holistic approach to the healing process on both a physical and emotional level.

Treatments Leonie Provides:


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About Lorinda:

Lorinda has been working as a Remedial Massage Therapist with Zen Chi since 2017 and is sports trained, meaning she particularly enjoys working with athletes. Lorinda is also a loving mother and is passionate about women’s health and wellness. A treatment with Lorinda guarantee’s your relaxation, as she treats the mind as well as the body.

Treatments Lorinda Provides:


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About Marion:

Marion is a kind, gentle soul who has been with Zen Chi from the very beginning, allowing her to have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of people over the years. Marion specialises in Bowen Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique and the results of her compassionate, professional work will astound you.

Treatments Marion Provides:


About Michele:

Michele is a friendly, positive person with a good sense of humour who is compassionate and empathetic in her approach to care. She is committed to a high standard of care and is passionate about helping people. Michele has a special interest in women’s health, chronic/acute pain and treating those with anxiety/stress-related conditions. She is holistic in her approach and believes prevention is better than cure which aligns with her oriental medicine training belief system. Michele believes by supporting the bodies own inner strength and healing capability it can regain balance and restore health. When treating she draws on her knowledge in both Western and Eastern medicine to understand the presenting issue and believe this is one of her strengths in her treatments. Michele is constantly learning and seeking knowledge and is very focused and committed to helping those that seek treatment, even if that treatment is simply to relax.

Treatments Michele Provides:


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Lisa Turner

About Lisa Turner:

We are beyond excited to have Lisa back on the Zen Chi team. Lisa is one of our original team members, having worked for us when Zen Chi first opened as a Bowen Therapist, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor. After taking a few years off to explore her craft, Lisa has returned to the Zen Chi family offering her services a couple of days a week.

You can book in for individual sessions of either Reiki or Bowen however it is the bringing together of both these skills where Lisa is offering a truly unique and power healing experience. These powerful modalities act on the autonomic nervous system. When the body is in imbalance it inhibits the sympathetic nervous system (your fight-or-flight response) By activating the parasympathetic nervous system (your rest-and-digest response) you allow the body to return to balance & heal. By combining both modalities you will experience the physical fascial manipulations of Bowen & the healing energy of Reiki.

Lisa’s treatments are a wonderful way to manage the stress response. Bowen Therapy and Reiki together can support relaxing the body and dealing with how stress may have manifested in your mind and body. Reduce pain and settle the mind by booking an appointment with Lisa today.”
Treatments Lisa Provides:


About Sandra:

Sandra is a kind and passionate soul who has been working within the natural health and wellness field for the past 25 years. During a reflexology session with Sandra, you will achieve ultimate relaxation and a blissful experience like no other. Combined with guided mediation, aromatherapy and Sandra’s impeccable skills, reflexology with Sandra will have you feeling like you are walking on clouds.

Treatments Sandra Provides:


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Treatments Tandra Provides:


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About Supi:

Supi has been part of the Zen Chi team since 2017 and is a Remedial Massage Therapist and Reiki Master who brings a lifetime of massage experience with him to the massage table.

Supi’s mother was his first massage teacher.  She taught him a traditional Indonesian massage technique – which has similarities to the western trigger technique, but is more intuitive and works mainly with the feet.

He then went on to learn more traditional Indonesian massage techniques in Bali before moving to Australia and beginning his study of western massage in 2005.

Supi holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage and is also a Meditation Teacher and Reiki Teacher.

Treatments Supi Provides:


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Yes, except for HCF.
Kat V

Treatments Kat V Provides: