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Spa Treatments

Salt Haven Glow


1.5 HOUR(S)

This full body salt exfoliation will leave you and your skin completely rejuvenated, re-energized and refreshed. A perfect way to reboot your skins hydration levels, remove any unwanted dead skin cells and promote new skin cell renewal to the surface.

Hot Stone Wrap


1.5 HOUR(S)

This decadent 1.5 hour treatment is one stone away from sheer bliss! let our therapist's hands, the heated stones and the sweet-smelling essential oils send you off into undiluted la la land.

Zen Chi Rejuvenating Ritual


1.5 HOUR(S)

Indulge yourself from top to toe with this ritual! Combining all the ingredients of our gorgeous facials and massages, this ritual will leave no skin untouched. Let our attention be devoted totally to you in this 1.5 hour treatment. You’ll be sure to leave the room in no other state than pure and utter relaxation.

Zen Chi Renewal Ritual



Combining all elements of the senses, this Reawakening Ritual will indulge every aspect of the physical, sending you to a place of total relaxation and sheer bliss! Our full body massage, full body salt exfoliation & mineral earth clay wrap is undeniably one breath away from heaven!

Zen Chi Reawakening Ritual


3.5 HOUR(S)

Wrap yourself up in minerals with this divine two hour body wrap that will leave you wanting more! Choose from our 4 mineral clays that each have diff erent soothing, healing, detoxifying & beautifying powers... a potent ingredient in our renewal ritual.